About Breeze Studio

The Breeze Studio is a unique, self-contained studio space within the Manchester Studios main complex. A 1350 sqft, diamond-shaped studio space with a full panoramic glazed wall, featuring sliding doors which open out onto an extensive walled garden area, complete with pond, covered garden pods and a patio terrace. There are several integrated OB and power points within the garden, allowing for easy external filming. With access to a small green room, kitchen and flexible ancillary spaces, this studio is perfect for adverts, photography, daytime shows and intimate studio audience-based shows.

Studio Specification

Floor space:

125 sq meters / 1350 sq feet

Capacity / Audience:

50 persons (dependent upon layout)


At its largest point 15.72m x 8m / 51.60ft x 26.25ft

Grid Height / Type:

4.90m scaffolding rig

Window Tab Track Height:


Studio Power:

250 amps, 3-Phase supply


Download the Breeze Studio Technical Pack here, if required.

Download Technical Pack



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